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Sony DSC-H10 – flipping old H3

Uncategorized author: admin 03.03.2008 Comments Off

During the previous year Sony had presented it’s first low cost compact ultrazoom camera – H3. In less then a year H10 is coming to replace Sony’s firstborn.


Only significan upgrade thats worth mentioning, is a bigger LCD screen now 3 inch diagonal comparing to 2.5 inch on the previous model. All other characteristics had stayed the same. Same 8.1 megapixel optical sensor, same 10x optical zoom lens and everything packed in identical case. Unfortunately both cameras LCD has the same resolution with 230000, resulting that the image on 3 inch display of the new H10 will not be so sharp as it was on the H3 LCD.And to make even bigger gap tween ultrazoom cameras in higher class and entrylevel, new software options are not made on this camera. It’s more then obvious that H10 uses last years technology, if you want latest tech in you camera you will have to spend more money on for example H50.


Even if the new model name H10 will suggests that this camera is better then the H9, it simply isn’t.  H9 as it’s sucessor H50 has longer lens more functions in software but also much higher price – about $450.

Good thing about H10 is that it will be sold at the same price as the H3 was, about $300 and it will hit the shelves in May.