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Sony delayed PS3 to November

News author: Djuki 03.16.2006 Comments Off

At the 2006 PlayStation Business Briefing in Tokyo, Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutagari announced that the PlayStation 3 has been delayed. Delay was due to copyright-protection problems with the next-generation console’s Blu-ray drive. Kutaragi explicitly told the crowd that the PS3 would arrive before Thanksgiving in Europe and US.

Sony PS3

What is new in the PlayStation3?
Sony revalued info on the next PlayStation:

  • Hard drive will be 60GB, three times more than three times the capacity of Microsoft’s Xbox 360
  • PS3 will play all old PSOne and PS2 games.
  • PS3 can play music, videos and photos from PCs, PSPs and other PS3s. It will be able to connect to Sony Walkmans, Cybershots and probably with Sony Ericsson phones with bluetooth.
  • PS3 OS will be some Linux distribution.

This new console will support only the 50GB dual layer version of Blu-Ray, and certainly the 25GB single layer versions as DVDs have become too easy for software pirates to duplicate. Sony will be built a million PS3s every mounth. They plans to avoid shortages befell its competitor, Microsoft Xbox.

Hard drive will be necessary to play games on PS3, but they hadn’t decided whether or not the PlayStation 3 would come with the hard-drive preinstalled. PS3 could be sold without a piece of hardware needed to play PS3 games, and players must buy har disc separately, for playing games and basic functionality.

Besides announcing the delay, Kutaragi said that Sony is indeed preparing an Xbox Live-like online gaming service for the console, which would be called the “PlayStation Network Platform.” This platform will be basic service, and online gameplay will be absolutly free.