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Sony DCR-DVD105e camcorder – Review

Uncategorized author: Djuki 04.03.2006 Comments Off

We tested for you Sony DCR-DVD105e digital camcorder. We know you like this one. Sony is on the top in field of digital camcorders. Sony has camcorders line, identified with CCD sensor around 1/5, resolution average 1,07 Mpx, Carl Zeiss lens etc. So what is new ? Lots of improvements for less money, that’s new.

Sony DCR-DVD105e

Sony DCR-DVD105e

Design and commands

The DCR-DVD105e fits perfectly in hand and it is very light, so when I was shooting videos i haven’t feel to hold camcorder. Zoom and Start-Stop buttons are on the right place, nearby LCD screen. W and T buttons using for zooming, but one speed only. The red button is Start-Stop button, and it is very helpfully when LCD screen is round at up and you shooting something lowlily, like small animals. Then main start button is not appropriately. Sony DVD105e is made of quality plastic, and aluminum.

The 2.5 inch LCD screen is visible on the sun, and from the angles. There is lot of setting for LCD screen like back light, color intensity etc. When I open the LCD screen there is no more bunch of buttons, because LCD has touch screen, and all functions and settings are accessibly from LCD screen.

Sony DCR-DVD105e

Lens Type is Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar, so there is no place for doubt at quality. Focal Length is
2.3 to 46 mm and aperture is F1.8 to 3.1. Optical zoom is 20x, and digital zoom is 800x. My suggestion is to turn of the digital zoom because camera can’t zoom 800x, that is only marketing, and you don’t have much benefit with digital zoom. Sony DVD105e supports 4:3 and 16:9 cinema format.

Sony DCR-DVD105e has Super NightShot Plus feature. It has infrared sensor, and you can record in absolutely dark, in few meters.

Sony DCR-DVD105e

Form the left side there is DVD-RW storage, and A/V output. When recording videos DVD don’t make any noise. There is no A/V input so you can’t digitalized old video tapes. To turn On/Off you must press green button in middle off on/off switch. You can’t accidentally turn off the camcorder in middle off recording video. Same on/off switch is mode switcher, video or photo mode. Led light show you witch mode is active at this moment.
From top side there is photo capture button, and zoom crowbar, both on the right place.

From the right side, when open LCD screen you can see two buttons: Easy and Display battery info. Easy recording is good news for beginners. When pres this button auto mode is active, and lot of function in menu is not accessibly. There is also back light button, for LCD back light and Play/Edit button to see your videos and images.

Sony DCR-DVD105eSony DCR-DVD105e has Li-ion battery pack. We tested model with NP-FP50 battery. Charged time was 2 hours, and with open LCD we have 115 minutes continuous recording time with closed LCD screen, and 100 minutes with closed LDC screen. When I finished battery charging, LCD show me 89 minutes recording left. It was first charge for this battery, and battery must charge few times for full power. You can buy larger battery pack like NP-FP90. Camera has DC-in, witch is used for charging battery, so there is no need for special battery charger.

Focus is very accurate and has fast reaction on distance change. Zoom control is very smooth. White balance is solved very nice, there is indoor and outdoor defined assets. Fader function has few variants like black, white, overlap and wipe. There is only two digital effects: lumi. key and old move. This camera can’t be used as web cam.

Sony DCR-DVD105e

Digital images

Sony DCR-DVD105e can capture 1 Mpx photos. Photo quality is very low, and this camcorder can’t replace photo camera. Camcorder and photo camera can’t be one device.

I liked

  • Touch screen
  • Camera has DC-in, witch is used for charging battery, so there is no need for special battery charger.
  • Burn videos and images right on the DVD
  • Video quality
  • Low price

I don’t like

  • No USB, and device can’t be used as WebCam
  • 800x Digital zoom is fake, only marketing trick
  • Only two digital effects

Sony DCR-DVD105e price is from 349$ to 600$.