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Sony Compact PlayStation

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 While many people are looking for the latest and greatest video game systems around, Sony is looking for ways to improve upon the classics that they already have in their arsenal of great systems. The latest victim on the surgical table of overhauls is slated to be the PlayStation 2, which is expected to be released in a newer as well as cheaper version in 2008.

Sony Compact PlayStation

The newest model is expected to be the smallest yet, and also the cheapest with an estimated price tag of only $99, which is well below the standard prices for the Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and even the PlayStation 3, consoles. Offering the ability to still play all PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games, but with a smaller and sleeker style, this is sure to be a great affordable option for many who have passed up buying a new PlayStation and instead wait impatiently for the PlayStation 3 to drop in price.

While there is still no ability to play PlayStation 3 games on the newer consoles, they are coming at a great time for many, with PlayStation 3 prices so high they are still unaffordable for many, and with PlayStation celebrating its 7th birthday recently, many of the older consoles are slated to be replaced as parts start to really wear out. This brings a great as well as affordable option to consumers around the world for keeping their cheaper and reliable system, while still having a piece of the newest technology.

One of the biggest changes that is expected aside from the obvious size difference is the power supply is expected to be built into the unit itself, which saves space, and is also designed to be cheaper to manufacture. The integrated power supply is being given a lot of the credit for the cheaper model. Overall, this is looking like a very wise decision for Sony so look forward to the newest Compact PlayStations to roll out sometime in 2008.