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Sleek Samsung F700 iPhone Killer or Letdown?

Uncategorized author: Cara 10.15.2007 1


Let us face it very few phones can compare overall to the sleek and stylish features that Apple has packed into the iPhone. However, the Samsung F700 has been called the iPhone killer for several reasons and it seems as if some of these reasons may well be justified. The sleek little phone has several great features that even the iPhone does not have. However, while Samsung may have created a sweet little phone here, there are a few key features that iPhone lovers have all noticed are either lacking or missing in the Samsung F700 – iPhone killer.While the iPhone has people, drooling over the nicely sized 3.5” touch screen the Samsung F700 is only giving users a little less than 3” coming in with a 2.78” screen. Still nothing to sneeze at, but if your trying to watch or read something that small difference can have a huge impact on visibility. Another feature that the Samsung F700 wins though is the nice little slide out QWERTY keyboard that is included. While the lovers of the iPhone are having to hunt and peck their way around the touch screen the QWERTY keyboard on the Samsung F700 makes life much easier for the text and e-mail addicts of the world.

samsung_f700.jpgAnother negative downside for the Samsung F700 is the lack of major onboard memory. While the iPhone is offering a huge 8GB of flash drive space. This is one massive hit that the Samsung F700 really cannot compete with. Users who adore the space that the iPhone offers are not going to be overly thrilled with the lack on flash drive space on the Samsung F700.

Samsung has to its credit ensured that the F700 is very video friendly handling formats ranging from the simple MP3’s to the more advanced MPEG4 to give the best media experience possible. As an alternative to the iPhone, this phone is a definite. The best part is the phone is able to use the EDGE and other super speeds for the data connections, which makes it a dream for those who need to shove through tons of e-mails for business needs. Between the QWERTY keyboard and the super fast speeds to send them, this phone is definitely designed for businesses.

Individuals as well will love the phone, but from a practical standpoint, this is definitely a great business phone. While the iPhone does offer a slightly larger touch screen this great little phone is still small and lightweight enough to go anywhere, and with the wide range of functions including the 5MP camera that is included you can handle all of your needs while you are away from the office. I would definitely think that the Samsung F700 iPhone killer is the closest competition Apple’s iPhone has right now.