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Skullcandy Gold Rasta TI: Golden Music

Uncategorized author: jheLozenn 10.28.2008 Comments Off

Skullcandy Rasta TIListening to music isn’t just about sound quality anymore. It’s also a lot about style. The Skullcandy Gold Rasta TI gives you great sound and a sharp fashion statement in one over-the-top package.

The headphones come in straight up gold for the full bling effect, whether you’ve got it over your head or around your neck, and the gold ear muffs can be replaced with the included green muffs for casual Fridays. If the fans come swarming, and you need to have a word with your security detail, you won’t have to fumble with your MP3 player. Thanks to the in-line volume control.

Tunes come care of powerful 40mm drivers that swivel 90 degrees in case you’re called upon to man the DJ booth, and a gold-plated 3.5mm jack gives you even more shine (and better conduction). So give up your plain headcans and score yourself the Skullcandy Rasta TI. Style can’t wait.