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Show must go on… Canon EOS 7D

DSLR author: admin 09.21.2009 Comments Off

As we had expected, Canon corp has presented it’s new DSLR camera body – named EOS

By the name 7D the first assumption will be that newly presented camera is successor of the 5D(Mark II) camera. But instead, EOS 7D is a founder of a totally new Canon’s DSLR class, closer to the full-frame DSLR now more then ever – but still not full-frame. New EOS 7D is placed someware between existing EOS 50D DSLR body and fullframe 5D DSLR body class.

We can use just few words to describe this DSLR, it have all positive sides of a full-frame body, such as great viewfinder, except full-frame sensor. Instead it implements new Canon’s 18 megapixel resolution CMOS, APS-C sized optical sensor.

Some of the 7D’s key features are:

  • new optical senzor – 18Mpix resolution CMOS, and APS-C sized (crop size)
  • 8 fps burst mode – thanks to the Dual Digic IV image processors
  • Full HD video mode – with all manual controls of aperture and frames per second
  • New viewfinder 1x magnifying, 100% frame covering, by the quality it matches those viewfinders in 1D high-end professional cameras.

Basically, EOS 7D is a professional DSLR made for hard working professional. It’s quite obvious that this camera more then any before responses to almost all requests made by the photographers, finally! In 7D marketing material you can find that, before the actual designing process of 7D begun, Canon made a inquiry all around the word with more then 5000 professional photographers participating. They had asked them, simply “what do you want from you next camera”, as Canon claims EOS 7D is a response to their requests.

In general EOS 7D is the long lost link between two worlds of APS-C crop DLSRs and Full-frame DSLR cameras, even the price is a bit higher that we would expected – we are more then convinced that it will pays every cent invested in it.