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Sharp DK-A1 iPod speaker system

Speakers author: Mark 10.02.2007 2

The Sharp DK-A1 iPod speaker system seems to have all the right “ingredients” for making your mobile music dream become reality. It comes with 2 speakers and a subwoofer, plus a variety of features that can be adjusted by the user. The speakers are lighted in blue when the system powers up, a fact some users will find cool, while others will believe it looks a bit cheap. It comes with a bold and funky design and includes an AM/FM radio with RDS. You can also connect the Sharp DK-A1 iPod speaker system to other devices through a series of sockets at the back. The most important feature, the iPod dock is situated at the top of the Sharp DK-A1.

Sharp DK-A1 iPod

The system offers two-way bass reflex speakers that come with high quality built-in subwoofers. The Sharp DK-A1 iPod speaker system also comes with the innovative E-Sound technology that features a digital signal processor (DSP) for improved sound quality and accuracy. The DSP helps the device produce a realistic three dimensional sound. You can adjust the sound quality and levels even further with the electronic 6-step equalizer which selects appropriate settings for different music genres. While the Sharp DK-A1 iPod speaker system doesn’t provide the maximum in quality, for the average user the equalizer function and combination of speakers and subwoofer should provide all the essential tools for a great music audition.

The iPod dock charges the iPod and the Sharp DK-A1 iPod speaker system comes with a dot matrix that displays important information such as the radio frequency, sound mode and so on. The sockets at the back of the device may also come in handy, as you can connect the Sharp DK-A1 iPod speaker system to different home entertainment devices. The AUX input allows you to connect it to DVD players and TVs, or even laptops, so that you can view the contents of the iPod on large screens. The line-in socket allows you to connect other MP3 players at the station. The Sharp DK-A1 iPod speaker system is a good choice if you are looking for value for money and a mid-range, dependable, cool-looking portable music system.