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Sanyo Xacti DMX-HD1000

Uncategorized author: Cara 12.16.2007 Comments Off


For those looking for a sleek and functional HD camcorder in a nice little package the Sanyo Xacti DMX-HD1000 is looking like a great contender. With a nice 2.7” swing out LCD display to view what’s going on as well a functional SD/SDHC card slot you are looking at some great possibilities here. The bad news is that an 8GB memory card will only get you about an hour and a half of video. Not much video on such a large card, but the picture quality you are getting in return is amazing.dmx_hd1000.jpgOne of the great benefits that this camcorder provides is the benefit to capture images, specifically still images with an 8MP standard. This provides much crisper and clearer pictures than most other camcorders could hope to provide. Overall, the Sanyo Xacti DMX-HD1000 provides some very nice benefits. Some of the bad news is that while this little camcorder is small and yet powerful it is being targeted specifically towards the Japanese market, which leaves most other countries completely out of the loop.

For those who are interested in picking up one of the small 268-gram units you would have to check around online. The overall sizes of the 90mm x 112.6mm x 54.5mm means it is small enough to be easily transported anywhere you want to go. The 10x optical zoom that is included is a nice refreshing addition though and ensures that you can get the shot of your choice without having to be right on top of your subject.

Some of the biggest complaints that have surfaced include the 105-degree angle that is between the lens itself and the grip of the camcorder. This angle is apparently designed to be much more ergonomic to the person operating the camera but means that there is no way possible to use this camera without a tripod and without keeping your hands on it at all times. While the overall model is great, releasing it all around the world would certainly boost it up our list a few notches.