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SanDisk Sansa Clip

Uncategorized author: Cara 01.02.2008 Comments Off

Looking for a MP3 player that will not leave your wallet lonely and sad can seem like a rather impossible task.  ScanDisk has worked pretty hard though and come out with a wonderful solution.  The SanDisk Sansa Clip is a tiny little MP3 player that packs a huge punch and honestly comes at one of the most affordable prices there is for a MP3 player on the market.  With a price tag of only $40, you are getting an entire 1GB size, plus a FM radio and voice recorder all wrapped together into a sleek little black MP3 player that is comparable in size to the iPod Shuffle.

SanDisk Sansa Clip

With an impressive 15 hours of playtime for the internal battery as well as 40 channel presets with the FM radio, you can see that this is certainly not a toy at all, despite the cute appearance that it offers.  With room for approximately 250 songs this is the perfect MP3 player to start out with or if you are just looking for something that is small and yet still affordable.  Compared to many other similar sized MP3 players this brings a lot of benefits and a really great price tag to the table.

Offering support for MP3, WMA, Audible audio files and even secure format WMA’s this is well on par with most other MP3 players as well.  Simply put this is certainly a great option to explore and the simplicity of use is great as well.  While many MP3 players are complicated to learn how to use the ScanDisk Sansa Clip is easy enough that within a few minutes you can be up and running.  It is important to know that it uses Rhapsody to allow you to easily organize and manage your music, this is in stark contrast to the iTunes that iPods use, however Rhapsody is quite reliable and provides numerous features that are quite exceptional. Included is the USB 2.0 transfer cable and the installation CD so you are up and running in no time, overall this makes a great choice to look into.