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Samsung’s sales growth to 200 percent

News author: Djuki 06.27.2006 Comments Off

Samsung MonitorSamsung India has 200% growth in its LCD monitor sales in this year. They are also enhancing production capacity at the Noida, their manufacturing facility, to produce monitors as much as people need it.

“The manufacturing capacity for LCD monitors is being doubled from 2.5 Lakh units per annum last year to around 5 lakh units per annum this year,” company’s Vice President (IT) Sanjay Sharma told reporters here

Company expected LCD monitors to take 35% from their total monitors sale this year. Also, Samsing India today announced new 19 inch wide format LCD monitor in their domestic market. This monitor is ideal for for stock market brokers, BPOs, convergence applications and graphic designers, senior company official said.

Samsung Monitor

“The company plans to introduce wide format (16:10 aspect ratio) lcd monitors in 20 inch and 21 inch screen sizes in the third quarter of this year,” Samsung India Deputy Managing Director Ravinder Zutshi said.

Sansung is steady in their intention to conquer all market. So if you have planed to buy monitor recommended Samsung Monitors, because they have best price/quality ratio.