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Samsung’s introduce new LCD’s at SID, San Francisco

News author: Djuki 06.05.2006 Comments Off

SIDSamsung Electronics will introduce a 3.5″ LCD with embedded touch screen and 7″ LCD driven by a single chip. They will introduce this new products at at the 2006 Society for Information Display International Symposium and Exhibition(SID) in San Francisco, USA.

Samsung Displays

The SID is one of the most important events for displays, so that is the reason why Samsung presents new LCD’s right there. Samsung will also show widescreen of 24″, 27″ and 30″ monitors for special markets, and 21.3″ monitors with clearer X-ray viewing for medical applications.

Thinner touch screen
The 3.5″ touch screen LCD features qVGA resolution. This new LCD is thinner because he don’t have separate printed circuit board (PCB) like other touch screens. All sensor circuitry are build-in panel. This new LCD can be used for smart phones, PDA phones, ultra-mobile PCs and other multimedia mobile products.

Simpler and smaller mobile products
The 7″ LCD has WVGA resolution of 800×480 pixels, and he using gate technology, witch offer the gate IC function to be built directly onto the glass panel. The time controller function is build-in into IC driver, that means engineers could designed smaller and simpler mobile products. Seven inches LDC is most used for broadcasting handsets, PMPs and car navigation systems.

Samsung will show large monitors at SID 2006. This monitors are wither and offering more functionality. They have 24″, 27″ and 30″ and aspect ratio of 16:10. Consumer monitors will be much closer to the professional IT monitors, after Samsung show this fresh monitors.

Medical Monitors
At SID Samsung will introduce 21.3″ black and white monitors specially made for medical applications. They feature contrast ratio of 2000:1 and enhanced brightness. This monitors can be used as alternative to X-ray films, because with ultra-high resolution they can easier to discern X-ray images than other monitors produced today. Samsung also have other surprises and highlights for SID, but we will talk about them later.