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Samsung P 900

Uncategorized author: Sara 05.05.2006 1

LogoThis is a very rare model of mobile device, especially from Samsung company. We saw that Nokia N 92 and N 93 will have a TV-receiver but now company Samsung is presenting us a new P 900 with TV and he is designed for a business people because it is easy to use gprs on rotating screen. But unfortunately most DMB devices actually include DAB reception – so there is no FM tuner, but there is a DAB tuner.


His dimensions are 94.5 x 47.5 x 26.6 mm and his weight is 124g. The TFT display has 256K colors with 240 x 320 pixels and 33 x 45 mm.
When we talk about camera, we talk about 2 mega-pixels with resolution 1600×1200 pixels, and of course you can shooting a video with this phone.

He supports MP3/AAC/AAC player and the loudness and clearity of the sound is excellent. Address book is standard,like on the previous models of Samsung. Battery is standard, Li-Ion.He is designed to work on GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900.He does support blue-tooth and usb,but unfortunately he doesn`t support infrared.

Samsung P 900


The Samsung P900 supports TV-output function(like we said), on-line browser, personal information manager and series of office functions. The Samsung P900 also features all of the classic functions of a high quality GSM/GPRS mobile. There is 128MB user memory and the external memory let this innovative multimedia phone not just play, but also record and save TV broadcasts, videos and games. All of these add up to a whole lot of fun for soccer fans, who can print out their favorite goal moments or re-live match highlights in video format, even when the game is over.

slikaWe can also say that if you want an mp3 player,we will recommend this mobile device, because he has a big memory (128 mb) and you can store your songs and you don`t have to worry about memory. We need to tell you that he has Java MIDP 2.0,video streaming and also T9 and organizer.


He is designed for a business people because you can access your Internet, you can receive tv. Clearity is wonderfull, it will do good in the future whatever cost it is. He is too big, you can place him in your pocket and listen to your mp3 songs, you can watch tv when you are in the cafe ( if you want, of course) and like i said before, he is an excellent mobile device for business people, but the younger generations can use it.