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Samsung new 10Mpix Mobile phone SCH-B600

Uncategorized author: admin 03.12.2006 Comments Off

SCH-B600On this years CeBit Samsung announces new 10Mpix Mobile phone, yes you read it right a mobile with 10Mpix camera. And not just that, new phone is equipped with 3x optical zoom lens, auto-focus and flash. Phone is also supplied with clear 2.2” diagonal LCD, 240×320 pixel screen, for review great 10Mpix photos, and MMCmicro memory cards for storing photos. Camera ups I mean phone also have a built in MP3 player and Bluetooth connection. When not used camera lens is packed and closed inside phone so no one who see you using your phone will newer assume that you have 10Mpix camera in your hands. Same when using camera, holding phone in landscape position tacking pictures, everyone will be surprised when it starts to ring for your upcoming call. Assumed price for this phone-camera is about $700 and for now it will be available only in Asian market.