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Samsung Intouch mobile phone concept

Uncategorized author: Djuki 05.23.2008 1

Concept mobile phone Samsung Intouch, developed by the designer Christina Drojra (Christina Droira) and pair its colleagues from university Tsinitsinnati, and the sponsor has acted company Samsung. Concept uses the so-called sub-vocal voice technology developed by agency NASA for communication of astronauts in space. In a basis of technology the set of the gauges fixed on a throat of the person lays and allowing with ease to carry out voice communication.

Samsung intouch mobile phone concept

All this, certainly, allows to approve, that concept Intouch there is something greater, rather than easier phone. It consists of three details: actually telephone tube and Bluetooth ear cuff and the neck piece with adjustable magnetic enclosure.

Samsung intouch mobile phone concept

And, if to be fenced off from scientific terms and explanations, phone Intouch is equipped by large enough touch LCD-display, the scanner of prints of fingers, and also the small screen at the top end face