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Samsung i760 Pocket PC Phone

Uncategorized author: admin 11.28.2007 Comments Off

sch-i760_press_01.jpgFor those who hate to carry around large amounts of electronics there is some relief in sight. Samsung is releasing their new Pocket PC phone and it is a true beauty that is powerful and extremely light weight. The Samsung i760 Pocket PC phone is bringing together a full QWERTY keyboard combined with Windows Mobile 5, which leaves you with a very powerful and equipped phone that fits into your hand.

While the Blackberry and other companies are also offering smart phones and Pocket PC phones, the options are much larger, heavier and bulkier. Not exactly designed to fit into a pocket for easy transportation. The Samsung i760 on the other hand is small enough to easily fit into any pocket at a slim 4 ounces, which translates into a sleek 119g. This leaves the Samsung i760 coming in much smaller than most other phones on the market today, yet still more powerful.


For those who really cannot stand the idea of a phone without a camera, there is no worries a small 2MP camera is included, and while there are other phones with better cameras it is a respectable option that provides for ample picture opportunities. Giving the range of options, even more power the Samsung i760 brings together 802.11g Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth 2.0 to offer you the maximum choices available for wireless access.The screen is a bright, clear and amazing 2.8” touch screen that gives you plenty of room to see what you are doing, and quickly and easily maneuver around the phone. Overall, this is a very powerful option and with a 520Mhz CPU from Intel included you are hard pressed to find a comparable phone for the same price in the same sleek and small size.

One of the disappointments is the phone uses a microSD slot for expansion purposes which is not as widely used as the SD or even miniSD, but this is a small price to pay for the other options given. With a respectable Triband set up, this is perfect for traveling anywhere in the world and keeping up with all of your information in a whole new way.