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Samsung i550 or is it a Nokia

Uncategorized author: admin 05.08.2008 Comments Off

There were some rumors that Samsung company was preparing a S60 Symbian mobile handset, it was spotted on the IFA show in Berlin last year. But the official release has come latter.


Samsung i550 has really impressive specs. Built in GPS module, auto-focus digital camera 3.2 Samsung i550mega-pixels resolution, HSDPA networking and a standard 3.5 mm audio jack. All that is pointing that this phone is going to the top self with it’s brothers from Nokia’s N family.

Samsung i550 is based on Symbian software, on S60 3th edition FP1 – that’s Symbian OS 9.2, developed by Nokia for their smart-phones. That version of OS has numerous improvements, new version of S60 Internet browser – who need that when you have that so perfect Opera, Flash support and few good changes on UI.

Like it’s older brother from Nokia N95 it has buitin GPS, and it uses Nokia Maps, or almost any other software to accompany it.

People who will buy this kind of phone usually wants to replace few devices like a digital camera or/and a music player with just one multimedia phone. i550 is making that possible, it has a standard 3.5mm jack so there is no need to buy special headphones, just any regular one that you already have will do. Also the LCD is quite a jewel 2.6 QVGA able to show photos made with that 3.2 mega-pixel camera in over 260.000 colors.

Samsung i550 has a few interesting thing on the phones case, first there is a trackball usually seen only on few PDAs. Also in addition to the standard Symbian buttons, there is an “web” and “gps” key.

In general this is a great phone, with great usability able to compare to the best Nokia smart phone models. Maybe the Nokia will offer a bit more, but Samsung is a bit smaller and cheaper then N95 for example.