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Samsung G800 Bringing Phones and Cameras Together

Uncategorized author: Cara 11.03.2007 Comments Off

Samsung G800We all know that most camera phones are really just a phone with a camera tossed in at the last second just for an added “touch.” Samsung however, has decided to throw a kink into this idea of though and rather than simply pacify customers with a small camera, they have added an impressive 5 MP Autofocus capable camera to their new G800 camera phone.

This means you can take a normally crummy picture and turn it into something that is actually crisp and clear, even when you send it to your computer or print it out. No more blurry pictures! Additionally they have added onto the phone the ability for a 3x optical zoom. For those of you who are not highly camera savvy you always want optical over digital and Samsung has delivered. In addition, with a xenon flash added on this little camera is offering a lot of features.

While the camera sits in the backside of the phone, the phone components themselves are on the front side. Included is a slide panel to access the keypad, Bluetooth technology and a beautiful crisp color screen. Overall while this phone is certainly not comparable to those who are craving the ultimate smartphones, this phone certainly satisfies the needs and desires of most people quite happily.

Samsung G800

The bad news is this phone appears to only be limited to release in Europe at this time. Whether Samsung will decide to share the phone with the world is yet unknown. Overall, this is a great little phone that has brought a very useful feature into a market that has been saturated with subpar cameras for far too long. Finding one of these little gems for your own personal phone can be a highly rewarding experience.