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Samsung exposed bunch of phones in Spain

Uncategorized author: Djuki 02.14.2008 Comments Off

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, is one of the largest mobile and telecommunication company exposed new mobile devices at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. They had a mobile device for everybody, all types of users. If you need a business phone, multimedia phone, or you are fashion freak, they have cellphone for you. Leading model Soul from Ultra Edition series is fuse of beauty and hi-tech. All new models are combination of extraordinary design, usability and technology, and it is obviously that Samsung making phones with hart and soul.

Samsung Soul Phone – SGH-U900

Samsung called Soul phone its “flagship product” for this year. It is equipped with real metal body, and has 12.9 mm slim slider. Soul’s overall shape isn’t so much different then older SGH-G800, it looks very attractive and its fits in hand very comfortable. Navigation touchpad is below display with lit icons, which offers one click access to some functions. Center button opens the main menu, and other buttons act like shortcut while phone is in stand by mode. In different application touchpad buttons will have different functionality.

Samsung Soul SGH-U900

Soul has quality display, with bright colors, and it has 5Mpx camera with LED functionality and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) for advanced photos.

Samsung Soul SGH-U900 Samsung Soul SGH-U900 Samsung Soul Phone - SGH-U900

The HSDPA support offering high speed download and browsing. The Soul had music player with Media Library and speakerphone. It’s internal memory is 100MB, but it comes in pack with 6GB memory card. Soul is made for Europe 3G networks, and we can’t expect it in USA soon.

Samsung SGH-G810

This phone has slider design too, and it is very similar with Samsung SGH-G800. It’s camera is quite impressive: 5Mpx with auto focus, 3x optical zoom and xenon flash. Is this a camera or phone? It offers features like: GPS navigation, bluetooth, TV-out, USB 2.0, 3.5mm headset jack and more. You can geo-tag your photos with this power device, search the web with Google and send mails with Gmail. This sounds very good, right? The SGH-G810 supports all kind of sound and video formats.

It has large 2.6-inch display and it runs with Symbian S60. Samsung said that SGH-G810 is part of new “Infotainment” phones, but I can’t tell what that means, but I know this is very powerfull device.

Samsung SGH-G810 and Samsung SGH-P960

Samsung SGH-G810Samsung SGH-P960
Samsung SGH-P960

This model is not so strong and powerful like first two Samsung phones. The P960 can offer 3Mpx camera, Bluetooth, USB 2.0 and FM radio. You can browse internet and enjoy in music with this phone. Off course this is slider phone like many Samsung’s models, and it has silver design. The SGH-P960 and SGH-G810 can be used in Europe only because they are triband (GSM 900/1800/1900) phones. The SGH-960 supports DVB-H for watching TV on this device.

At the Mobile World Congress Sansung show more cellphones:

  • The i200 – Windows Mobile 6.0 based phone, with 2Mpx camera, 3G data and QVGA display.
  • The L170, very tinny phone (only 10.7mm) with 2Mpx camera. It comes in March
  • The J150 tinnier than L170, just 9.9mm, but it offers Bluetooth, FM radio and 1.3 Mpx camera.
  • The J700, slider phone with 1.3Mpx camera, 160 x 128 display and microSD slot.
  • The L770 comes in range of colors, with 2Mpx camera and FM radio.
  • The E251 which looks like E250 and they have same feature, except E251 has a music key extra.
  • The W350 is mobile TV, it supports DMB, so it can’t be used in Europw which using DVB-H, but it can be used in South Korea. It has small 2.2 inch display, not so appropriate for TV phone.