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Samsung D 800 – the first look

Uncategorized author: Sara 05.28.2006 Comments Off

3d rotation Samsung revealed a new model: D 800. It’s a slide-up phone, the slide is super smooth, and the appearance of the phone is simply stunning. It has a black textured magnesium surface with chrome edging, and is Samsung’s thinnest phone ever. The keypad is flat and it`s not easy to use as a conventional keypad but it`s not a problem. Samsung’s new slim phone is equipped with the latest multimedia features and meet the highest standard of quality. It’s a phone that you want to look at, to hold, to slide up and down, up and down-let`s look inside to see what does this cell do.


Samsung D 800 dimensions are 97 x 52 x 14.9 mm and his weight is 98g. TFT display have 262,144 colours and 240 x 320 pixels. Moving on to the camera I have been disappointed because camera is the same like on D 500- 1.3 megapixels. I am wondering what happened with 2 megapixel camera on D 600? TFT is the same like on D 500 and D 600. This is great ! When we talk about mp3 player, he is stereo and supports a very side range of formats. A stereo headsets comes with the phone package. The Mp3 player supports mp3, aac, aac+ and wma formats. Ringtones are high quality ( 64 voice mp3 tones ). Also, he has integrated speakerphone, a voice recorder and a new feature – speaker independent voice dialing – which works very well. D 800 supports TV-out connection ( like D 600 ) so you can view images and videos directly on a TV. Also , he supports usb connectivity and Bluetooth. I need to mention that he has PicBridge, for direct printing of images to compatible printers.

PicselViewer enables office documents (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) to be viewed, but not edited. The TV Out feature can be used to display documents on a TV screen. For the game lovers you can find Bobby Carrot, Time Rider II and down-loadable Java games.


When we speak about memory I have been disappointed ( again ) because he has 80 MB and he does not have a card slot. That`s pretty bad. Like D 500 you can store up to 20 mp3 songs, or up to 900 pictures or videos. Like D 500 and D 600 , phonebook is the same , you can store 1000 names on the phone and 250 on sim card. Also, like D 500 and D 600 you can take a picture and set it like a wallpaper or like caller ID. So when your friends are calling , you can see their pictures. You can find D 800 in two colors : black and silver. Battery is standard, Li-Ion 850 mAh. His talk time is up to 3h and 30 minutes and his stand-by is up to 220 h.

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Well, I am the owner of D 500 and I can compare this two mobile devices. Well, I am very satisfied with my D 500 but D 800 is more like Nokia 8810 and 8810i. I like that style. D 800 does not have infrared port, but that is not a pity. His modern design is going to attract all kind of people. I like D 800 because he has some new features like PicBridge, Picsel viewer, new games etc. I recommend this phone not just to the Samsung lovers, I recommend also to a business people, because this is a business mobile device.