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Samsung D 500

Uncategorized author: Sara 05.24.2006 1

Samsung D 500Samsung revealed a new model: D 500. Samsung is attracting people with a vivid screen and good polyphony. The D 500 unites all essential business tools with outstanding multimedia lifestyle features. You can find him only in two colors: silver and black.

In its body size D 500 is close to E 800, but it`s a bit larger 93.5×45.7×23.5 mm. This difference allows saying that the phone is intended for men more then for women. His weight is 99g.

TFT display have 256k colors with 176×220 pixels. The TFT screen behaves well in the sun and the picture is seen. Digital clock is displayed on the screen in the stand-by mode, it serves as a screen saver.Soundmate accessory is included into the package. The accessory resembles a small pyramid matching the phone in appearance.

Soundmate is an external loudspeaker. The sound gets twice louder and it`s enough to plug it and it will start working. When you are listening to your mp3 songs with your soundmate we can say that you have a small musical center.

There is one disadvantage: the battery discharges much faster. With D 500 e-mail client, you can take your office with you everywhere you go. The 1.3 megapixel camera with an LED flash takes briliant pictures and video clips. The camera works in 6 different resolutions:

  1. SXGA ( 1280×1024 )
  2. Mera ( 1152×864 )
  3. VGA ( 640×480 )
  4. QVGA ( 320×240 )
  5. QCIF ( 176×144 )
  6. Sub-QCIF ( 128×96 )

Samsung D 500Preferences
An integrated mp3 player supporting accidental track reproduction, both sequential and cyclic is available in the phone. The volume is of ten divisions. His intern memory is 96 MB, so you can save up to 1000 pictures or up to 60 minutes of videospeech recording and you can store up to 20 mp3 songs.

The D 500 supports usb, bluetooth and infrared port. You can connect your mobile device with PC, laptops, printers, PDA`s etc. He works on GSM900/1800/1900 networks. His battery is standard, LIon 1000 mAh; his talk time is up to 8h and his stand-by is up to 380h. When we talk about messages you can save up to 200 messages in the phone memory. And when we talk about organizer , I need to tell that you can save up to 400 events of four types: meeting, affair, anniversary and others. The weekly and monthly calendar are very convenient with each type of the event having its own color. There is a wap-browser version 2.0 similar to some phones by Nokia and Sony Ericsson using http protocol.


The quality of connection is rather good and no any cavils appear. The power of vibrating alert is average. This model is an excellent version though comfort using an mp3 player and he is twice higher thanks to a number of a constructive solutions. This is a perfect phone with all the features that you need.

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