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Samsung BD-UP5000 Blu-ray and HD DVD player

DVD Player author: Cara 01.12.2008 Comments Off

Everyone that is looking for a Blu-Ray and HD DVD compromise will be quite happy to discover that the Samsung BD-UP5000 has worked to achieve a nice balance between the two formats. With the ability to nicely handle all of the needs of each format without too much trouble, this is the player that will sit on the shelf in solitude without the need for a companion player in order to play everything that you want. While many of the big screen companies are struggling to pick out a single format over the other, this player has worked to bring the two sides together seamlessly and the results are stunning.

Samsung BD-UP5000

Crisp and clear pictures are noticeable, the quickness of the menu changes make it very easy to switch between menus and even chapters and also the ability to plug the unit in using Ethernet makes it incredibly easy to update the unit as new firmware is released. The only major unfortunate news is that the price is looking to be in the range of $1,000. While this may be cheaper than purchasing two units one for Blu-Ray and one for HD DVD, it is still a bit of an expensive purchase that is likely to turn many people off.

However, in terms of functionality, this is certainly the best option on the market. Offering the ability to quickly change menus without flaws, load the discs quickly and provide the beautiful picture quality that you demand puts the Samsung BD-UP5000 right out into the forefront of all of the other combination players. The bugs and flaws that the LG BH100 had are gone from this model and you are left with something that works perfectly for your needs. This can definitely help to make up for the bit of a large price tag that is associated with the model.