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Rumors that world largest mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, is preparing new Android powered touchscreen phone are getting louder and louder. This kind of news even got up to the British Guardian, which quotes anonymous “industry insiders” who’s  claiming that Nokia will reveal an Android powered touchscreen mobile phone in the fourth quarter.


Nokia is not the part of the Open Headset Alliance code, that supports Android OS for mobile devices, but still there is a growning complains about Symbian OS on Nokia touchscreen headsets. S60 Symbian is just not up to that task, it’s perfect for the older generation of the smart phones with qwerty keyboards

or/and regular phone keyboards. But still S60 interface is getting quite bad feedback from users who are using it on touchscreen devices. Embracing new open standard Android could be rather good business move, rather then adapting old S60 interface to support touchscreen interaction.

If those rumors are true, in Q4 we will see new Android powered Nokia, personally I can’t wait.