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Many large digital camera manufacturers have already scheduled their press conferences for this fall, but in spite the wall of silence there are few information that had leaked out.


On the this years PMA show Sony has presented only prototypes of new cameras, but non of the details regarding new cameras were available. It wasn’t certain if that kind of cameras would even hit mass production, but now according to rumors Sony is preparing big announcements in this September. There are high resolution images of the new full-frame still unnamed Alpha digital system. There are some speculations that it will be called Alpha 200 or 300, based on the product codes from the PMA. Also launching only new full-frame DSLR body is not sufficient, so there was many announcements from company executives directly from Japan that the full range of the full-frame lenses will be prepared and presented together with the new full-frame Sony Alpha.

Also there some of the unofficial specs available for the new Alpha, such as 12.8Mpix optical sensor with sensitivity up to 3,200ISO, speeds of 10 fps in JPEG and almost certain in-camera anti-shake compensation.