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oly-ep.JPGSony has prepared hot new products for this fall, and not only Sony, there are a lot information leeks coming from Olympus regarding new professional DSLR body E-P1. These are the images tacken on PMA show in March. As you can see, Oly presented only prototypes with no details about specifications and no details about when we can expect new camera in mass productions and in stores.

But just few days ago, some of the Oly’s documents leaks on one of the Olympus fan sites. oly-ep2.JPGThe document includes many details about the new camera. That it will use 10Mpix optical sensor, improved viewfinder, that it will be sealed against dust and bad weather conditions. Also new camera will implement wireless flash controller and improved auto-focus system. Maybe the most interesting fact that we can conclude reading Oly’s presentation is the actual positioning on the market of the new E-P1. Olympus positions it’s new camera next to the Nikon D200 and Canon EOS30D, but in other way its pointing for professionals. While the Nikon D200 and Canon EOS 30D are considered to be the prosumer class.

Official presentation is expected in November 07, we can hardly wait for hot hot hot fall 07.