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Protect your data for good

News author: Djuki 07.05.2006 Comments Off

You have confidentially data on your computer, and you want to protect it for good. There is some better and some worse methods for protection data. I will tell you two good ways to do it.

Pretec BulletProof USB Flash Drive

Company Pretec made Flash Drive i-Disk BulletProof wich can protect yor data like no other flash drive. With double metal layer BulletProof protect him-self from water, fire and knocking. This is the durablest USB Flash Drive in the whole world. The i-Disk BulletProof containers i-Disk Tiny, USB flash disk from 32MB to 2GB space and write speed from 20 to 40 MB/sec.

Pretec BulletProof USB Flash Drive

The BulletProof don’t protect your data only physically, it has build-in data encryption, password protection and special audio-video protection. Who needs USB flash disk resistant on bullets, they will buy this gadget.

Encryption Hard-Disk – Momentus 5400 FDE

Frequently notebooks stealing with confidentially data, enforce manufacturers to deal with this security issue. Seagate has announced new hard-disk series Momentus 5400 FDE (Full Disk Encryption), witch encrypt data automatically while you work on computer. The Momentus 5400 FDE is 2.5 inch disk for notebooks, and it has build-in special chip with 128 bit AES encryption. User can access to data by password, finger print or some other identification when system start-up.

Momentus 5400 FDE

Hardwer encryption is better than software encryption because it don’t effect on system performance and speed. Notebooks with Momentus disk can be used by five users at most, and disks can be 60, 80 or 160GB with 8MB cache memory with 5400 RPM and SATA-150 interface.