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Presenting the Nokia 6301 dual-mode phone

Uncategorized author: Mark 09.21.2007 Comments Off

Nokia phone 6310The launch of the Nokia 6301 dual-mode phone was a long awaited event by many clients who want to switch from GSM to WLAN networks. Launched in the UK as part of Orange, the Nokia 6301 dual-mode phone offers its users the possibility to place calls via a Livebox modem. As part of Orange’s unique portfolio offer, the Nokia 6301 is the third handset to offer the Unique services.

The phone is not only smart, but also very stylish. Nokia have done it again with this cool stainless steel case that says both “I know business” and “I know fashion”. The Nokia 6301 dual-mode phone weighs only 93 grams and is just 13.1 mm thick.Nokia 6310 However, there are a lot of features packed into such a small handset. You get UMA technology, a 2-megapixel camera that supports 8x digital zoom, a micro SD card slot and also an MP3 player. The full screen viewfinder is also a thing of beauty and it works well with the photo functions.

The 30 mb of internal memory are not much, but you can always add on more storage space with the micro SD card. There is a 128 mb card included in the Nokia 6301 dual-mode phone box, but you can expand the actual storage memory up to 4 GB. With the Nokia 6301 you also get integrated FM radio and a speakerphone. Talk time on the Nokia 6301 dual-mode phone is estimated to 3 hours and a half and the stand by time is estimated at 14 days. The Nokia DT-23 deskstand is also included in the box – this office / home cell phone support also works as a charger, even with the phone in use.

Nokia announced that shipping for the Nokia 6301 dual-mode phone will begin at the end of 2007 and the announced price was of 230 euros / US $322, before taxes. The concept of having a mobile phone that can make calls over the Internet while in range of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi networks has been analyzed by Nokia for a few years now. Starting in mid 2006 when Nokia launched the 6086 UMA phone, this type of technology has caught on fast. When the Nokia 6301 dual-mode phone moves out of range of the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network it automatically connects to GSM or GPRS cell phone networks, so the actual connection is never interrupted.