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Plug-in iPod in Dining Table and dinner party is ready

Uncategorized author: Djuki 05.26.2006 Comments Off

The Concerto TableFor iPod fans, there is new accessories, the Concerto Table. It is dining room or workspace table, in shape of piano. The Concerto Table is designed by Nicholas Lovegrove & Demian Repucci. Table has build in storage and it’s compatible with iPod. Apple AV connection and two speakers are build in into the Table. Music can be controlled with remote or with controls on iPod you plug-into the Concerto Table. Lovegrove and Repucci believe that the music in important as food, so they created play-list for listening during the dinner.

Middle of the Table can be opened to take advantage of the speakers, but then you have trouble to see some of your guest on your dinner party. The Concerto Table is fine designed, but it is not so practical. My opinion is that they could find better place for speakers. If you like to listen to music during dinner, or while work, the Concerto Table is made for you. Visit Concerto Table web site.

The Concert Table