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Pioneer XM2go Inno combines XM portability with MP3 playback

Uncategorized author: Djuki 07.04.2006 Comments Off

Pioneer XM2go InnoPioneer XM2go Inno is much, much better player than it’s forerunner. With rounded buttons with back-light, black border and brushed metal front it’s look very modern. Also this player is ultra-light with 140 g. it’s lighter than Apple iPod 5th generation with 30GB.

The Pioneer XM2go Inno player, has 17 inch display witch also support graphics. With switch mode taster users can switch between XM Radio and they own play-list. Taster “DISP” shows or hide Info about music spot or action in display bottom.

What is MX Radio?

One big idea can change everything. And XM Satellite Radio is one big idea: Radio to the Power of X. America’s most popular satellite radio service gives you the power to choose what you want to hear – wherever and whenever you want it. XM is America’s #1 Satellite Radio provider.

Pioneer Inno is integrated with MX Radio and Napster client just like Apple. The Inno player is very simple for installation and it’s sound quality is perfect. It’s able for MX Radio reproductions live and it can recording to 50 hours of video content. The Inno can play MP3 and WMA music files, but it have only 1GB hard disk. The users have 512MB for MX content and 512MB for MP3 and WMA files, and I don’t like this. Users want liberty, not restrictions, so this is bad side of Inno player.

Users can make choise: MX Radio or Napster. One mounts for MX Radio users need to pay 12.95$ and they will get lot opportunities. With Napster users can find new fresh music to buy. The XM2go Inno player is available for discount price at Original price is 400$ but at you can buy it for 327.25$ only.