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Philips SPC1300NC Webcam

webcams author: Cara 12.06.2007 Comments Off

philipsspc1300ncwebcam.jpgThose who are looking for something that is capable of handling their webcam needs without looking just like a standard boring camera then this is your perfect option. The Philips SPC1300NC webcam offers a bit of a stylish design in combination with a great list of features to ensure you are well satisfied.

Still shots are at an amazing 6MP size. When is the last time you really heard about a webcam having the ability to do 6MP anything? I know most webcam pictures tend to look like horrible blogs of blur and fuzz, not with this camera though. Delivering a 6MP picture gives you an impressively clear and sharp picture from a webcam.

Zooming has never been easier, the fabulous 8x digital zoom ensures you capture everything you want no matter how far away it really is.

philips.pngFacial tracking is available here to reduce the amount of time you are spending doing manual adjustments because the silly camera just will not stay put. Now rather than you working up a sweat continuously adjusting the camera, it will follow you as you move and ensure you are always getting the best shot possible.

Wide shots coming from the wide angel view no longer mean that everyone who wants to be on camera is required to cram into a single chair to be seen. This provides greater options for really spacing out and still getting everything in the shot that you want.

Motion detection is also an option, set the optional features and this little gem will record everything that passes by making it a bang up little option for monitoring your home even while you are away. This can allow you to solve the mystery of the disappearing food from the kitchen counter for good.

Of course, a great frames per second rate is important and with a nice 90 frames per second rate, you are looking at a very smooth and clear image continuously. Overall, this camera packs a lot of great features into a very small size and ensures that you are going to be pleased for a very long time. No more hassles of trying to decide what you can and cannot do, the Philips SPC1300NC webcam gives you everything you could desire.