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Philips launch its first Blu-Ray drive, the TripleWriter SPD7000 at CES 2006. This is third blu-ray drive on the market, after Samsung’s SH-B022 and Pioneer’s BDR-101A.

TripleWriter SPD7000

The TripleWriter SPD7000 is CD, DVD and Blu-ray drive. He can burn DVD and CD media, and of course read all of them. He can also burn BD-R and BD-RE media, at 2x speeds and 50GB BD-Rs and BD-REs, when they will be available on the market. The BD-R and BD-RE media have protective layer to prevent scratching. We can say this is all-in-one drive, and there is no media this drive can’t read or burn. With this hardware buyers will get Nero 7 Essential in the box.

The TripleWriter SPD7000 will be available in the August 2006 for £550.