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Philips Launch Digital Conference Recording System 955

News author: Djuki 02.02.2008 Comments Off

PhilipsToday Philips Electronics announced launching of the Digital Conference Recording System 955. This is out of the box solution for recording conferences and meetings with high quality sound. This recording system can have microphones as you need, just simple add microphones into the system, so this Conference Recording System can be used for large or small conferences. It have remote controls, and the Philips Digital Pocket Memo (special edition). It is handheld portable recorder, featuring two-channel audio encoding. This whole system is packaged is case, so you can carry it and install this system in meeting room quickly.

The Philips Boundary Conference Microphones, received the award for design and functionality, “Product Design Award 2008″. This microphones will minimize noise and vibration, because they use he acoustic pressure of the table surface, and they have a special rubber lamination.

The system using interchangeable Secure Digital memory cards, so we can say that the Conference Recording System 955 have unlimited recording capacity, for long long meetings. System can record in DSS/DSS2 file format, for one who need compact files, and MP3 format which can be played with MP3 players, and it can be distributed easily.

Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate comes with this system, and it can be used for editing, and storing files you recorded with Digital Conference Recording System 955.

“The dictation solutions from Philips enable any company to take advantage of digital technology. The Digital Conference System 955 package combines cutting-edge technology with simplicity – one briefcase holds it all. Any organization that has a need for capturing important information will benefit from being able to securely record their meetings in digital format.” said the Thomas Brauner, CEO of Philips Speech Processing