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Perfect glass of wine by Hinari Cellar Vie Dual Bottle Wine Chiller and Warmer

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Hinari Cellar Vie DualPeople who appreciate good glass wine, knows that right temperature of serving is crucial for overall taste. Wine should be chilled to the right temperature which differs for different kinds of wine. Chilling in chiller is practical, but often your bottle of wine will be to cold to feel the full rich aroma or just not to cold. People from Hinari offers a solution, theirs Cellar Vie Dual chills or warm two bottles of wine to perfect temperature that you can easy adjust using front control panel. When it reach desired temperature it holds it. Device is not using ice, watter, or any other liquids it uses Peltier Thermoelectric effect. It looks like just simple plastic box for two bottles of wine, but it works like a charm. Those who tasted wine from Hinari Cellar Vie Dual claims that it worth every dollar of its price (about $100). For now its available in UK store Argos Store