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Pentax K20D – Samsung GX20 – powerful twins

DSLR author: admin 02.24.2008 Comments Off

Quite similar like Canon, Pentax marks it’s digital SLR cameras in entry class with a three digit model number while the more professional class has a markings with two digits.


On this years PMA show Pentax has presented it’s new K200D entry level DSLR and it’s more professional camera K20D. If we compare new K20D with it’s predecessor we will notice that changes made are really discrete but still very important to advanced users that are getting used to get more and more for given money.

One of the main improvements comparing to previous K10D is a usage of totally new optical sensor specialty developed by Pentax and Samusung. New sensor has resolution of 14.6 megapixels, and this is the first time for that kind of a sensor to be used in some digital camera. As both companies are claiming, new sensor should produce much better results than its competition.


Main advantage of new sensor comparing to its competition is in smaller unused dead area on the senor surface. If you look at the picture for the moment, you can easily notice that the “depth” of a pixel is smaller as the dead part tween the pixels. As the result new Pentax’s APS-C sized sensor has 14 mega-pixels, with same pixel-density as the competition with APS-C sensors with 12 mega-pixels.

Second major improvement is referred to live preview option, on bright and large 2.7 inch diagonal LCD. There is one big question mark over the actual need of having live-preview on DSLR cameras, but all competition have some sort of live-preview, so does Pentax K20D.


New K20D has also improved in body optical stabilization, option do enhance dynamical range, improved dust reduction, addition of X-sync port for studio light synchronization.

One of the unique option that new Pentax K20D has, is a ability to calibrate LCD, so after calibration there will be no surprises when your photos are transferred to the computer.

Entire list of improvements is not to long, but still the improvements are made on the places where they where needed. Both Pentax cameras will hit the stores in March and K20D will be sold for about $1300 only for body.

Also on some markets Pentax K20D will be available under the Samsung brand, and by the name Samsung GX20. Basically there are same cameras, except Samsung has buttons of different shapes – but on the same places as Pentax. While the only difference will be built-in user menus. Because they are identical we had expected that the price will be the same, but no Samsung GX20 will be offered by a slighter less price comparing to his Pentax twin.