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As I was writing about in a December last year, Pentax has been presented its new DSLR cameras on this years PMA show. K200D is a new Pentax’s digital SLR in entry-level camera class. While new Pentax K20D is prepared to be used by professionals and advanced amateurs.


Pentax K200D is latest Pentax model in entry-level class, that usually means that the camera is designated to be used by amateurs or beginners who are making their first steps in photography. Even its made for beginners its features will impress much wider audience.

Main improvements comparing to previous K100D, is optical sensor shift optical stabilization in-body. Pentax is using sensor shift stabilization on its DSLR models. What basically means that you don’t have to use optically stabilized lens – you can use any lens you want and it will be optically stabilized.

This kind of optical stabilization where the sensor is moving-shifting to compensate the movement of camera body. This kind of optical stabilization is often seen on Sony’s Olympus’s DSLR cameras, while Canon and Nikon are using stabilization on the lens it self.

While the sensor is shifting to compensate camera movement that kind of shaking can be used to shake of eventual dust that can be stick on to the camera sensor. That is in brief other system that K200D is using for removing dust,  also below the sensor there is a special adhesive part that will pick up all dust that will fall of the sensor and prevent it go back.


Next big improvement is new APS-C sized CCD optical sensor with 10.2 Megapixel resolution. For good image results optical sensor is just one part of a story. Other part and very important thing for good picture quality is image processor. Pentax claims that image processor has been subjected to a complete redesign. Image processor was the weakest spot of the previous generation of Pentax cameras, cause the amount of color noise was just to big and camera operation was pretty slow.

Also another feature of new Pentax is full weatherproof sealed body. Usually sealed bodies are characteristics of much more expensive DSLR bodies, and its not often seen in this class. Sealed body guaranties that dust and humidity will not penetrate your camera, so it can be used in a rain or other hostile environments.

Other improvements that are important to be mentioned now is totally new auto-focus system, now with 11 spot focus. Viewfinder is bigger and a bit brighter. As the LCD whit grows up to 2.7 inch diagonal.

New K200D will hit the stores in March and in kit with  SMCP-DA 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AL lens it will costs about $800.