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Pentax K100D Super

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Few days ago Pentax announced upgraded version of the K100D digital SLR body. Main improvements are laying in new high ISO3200 sensitivity, SDM – system Supersonic Drive motor lens support which will probably bring improvements on focusing speed and accuracy. Also Pentax implements new Dust Removal system, already seen on K10D, special protective coating on low pass filter in front of the sensor in combination with high frequency vibration of the sensor are enough to forget about dust on your pictures once and for all.Even previous version, K100D was real bestseller in Pentax dslr camera palette, with these improvements it became more then concurrent to its gowning and never sleeping competition.

Main features of new Pentax K100D Super:

Pentax Shake reduction mechanism, in body stabilization means that every lens that you put on new body, will be stabilized. But not just any – SR is available only while using K-, KA-, KAF-, KAF2-mount lenses.

Dust removal system, if you have ever use DSLR camera you probably know that most irritating enemy who’s waiting behind every lens changing is dust particles. Addition of the SR – Share reduction to K100D, has raised usability to a completely new level.

New Pentax offers higher sensitivity, up to ISO3200, personally I’m very skeptic about that, even previous Pentax cameras have problems with great amount of color noise on higher ISO values.

Improvements of the new are considerable but is it enough to substitute your old K100D for new model, we will have to wait for new Pentax K100D Super to came to our test lab and see. Stay tuned.