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Pentax DSmobile 600 portable scanner

Uncategorized author: Cara 02.19.2008 Comments Off

Bringing together a powerful scanner with something that is also extremely small and capable of fitting just into the smallest of areas is not always easy however; the Pentax DSmobile 600 portable scanner brings both of these needs together beautifully so that you are looking at getting everything you need in a nice and portable package. With USB 2.0 capability, you are able to connect the scanner to virtually any scanner. With a size of only 1.5 inches high, 2.0 inches deep, 11 inches long and weighing less than a pound at 12.2 ounces this is by far one of the smallest scanners around.

Pentax DSmobile 600 portable scanner

With the ability to easily and quickly scan pages up to 8.5” x 14” to something as small as a business card with only a single push of a button there is very little that this scanner cannot do for you. This ensures that you have the maximum of flexibility, without having to haul around a different scanner for each size that you are looking to ever potentially scan. With the ease of just a single button to scan anything you want this is a device that anyone can learn how to easily use in no time at all.

Operating with a very small amount of power you never have to worry about overpowering your computers power supply a maximum power consumption of only 2.0W of power while the unit is running is enough to comfortably be handled by any computer.

With several pieces of software included with the Pentax DSmobile 600 portable scanner you have the ability to quickly and easily create PDF files that you can zip and send away in only a matter of minutes. Overall, this is definitely the perfect scanner for just about anyone and is certainly the best scanner for personal and home usage.