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PED3 Stand for iPhone

Uncategorized author: Cara 11.27.2007 Comments Off

ped3-lg.jpgThe hassles and trouble with trying to hold your iPhone while you are busy working have come to an end. The PED3 stand for iPhone has arrived and is sure to handle your worst needs as well as your best needs all while looking sleek and stylish. With little grippers to grab your phone both vertically and horizontally you are sure that it is not going anywhere, but still offers the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees so you are always getting the perfect angle on the screen.

How many times have people tried designing phone holders only to have something that is cheaply made, subpar and frankly a waste of space and money? Numerous times unfortunately, but the great news is the PED3 stand is designed to securely hold your phone while handling the everyday usage that it should endure without breaking. This leaves you with a phone stand that is actually capable of doing its job and as a nice bonus; it also has a slot to keep your iPhone cords neatly organized as well.

ped3-iphone-stand.jpgOverall, this is a great little addition to the desk whether you are working or just hanging out at home. Secure sturdy and versatile this will handle all of your needs, without costing a fortune. Additionally, not only will this cradle your iPhone in tender loving care it will give your iPod Touch the exact same attention since it is capable of holding both devices. This gives you even further options and ensures your latest gadget is safely secured on your desk.

Using the PED3 stand for iPhone also reduces the need to carefully sift the papers on your desk looking for the elusive phone since it stands up easy to see, and ready at a moment’s notice. The overall benefits are great, its stylish design says sophistication and coming at a time close to the holidays this is the perfect gift for someone who recently got a new iPhone.