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Panasonic SDR-H250

Uncategorized author: Djuki 03.10.2008 Comments Off

A nice hybrid camcorder that can fit into almost any budget the Panasonic SDR-H250 is the perfect device for those who are looking to have some flexibility while still getting great picture quality and all of the aspects that they love and demand in a nice well designed package. Offering an internal memory of 30 gigs the internal hard drive is already a nice size, however adding to the benefits is the fact that you can use a SD card to add even more memory to the camcorder. Here is the key difference though, while most camcorders will allow you to use a SD card to capture still images the Panasonic SDR-H250 will also allow you to use that same SD card to actually capture video so that you can have additional room for videos if the need ever arises.

Panasonic SDR-H250

Other features of the Panasonic SDR-H250 include the 3.1MP still images and the 3CCD technology that is working to give you the best pictures possible. The only bad news is the images are not crystal perfect if you are in a low light area since there is a distinct sensitivity to this. For resolution, you are getting a maximum 2,048 x 1,512, which can give you plenty of gorgeous quality without lacking in other areas. To ensure you have plenty of recording options you are able to record the video in MPEG-2 format with three different quality modes to choose from. The first is the XP mode, which provides only 7 hours of video, which is still a very nice timeframe while the extended LP mode can give you as much as 27 hours of video.

This is designed as a starter camcorder though since there are very few accessories or even features that will give you increased options and capabilities but for those who are looking for something easy to use and basic this is certainly a winning option to look at.