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Panasonic HDC-HS9 Camcorder

Uncategorized author: Cara 03.23.2008 Comments Off

Panasonic HDC-HS9The great news is that this is a slightly different version of the widely popular Panasonic HDC-SD9, which has been incredibly popular all around the world. While the HDC-SD9 is a very tiny package with tons of features it brings the huge disadvantage of needing to purchase a huge SDHC card in able to actually use all of those features successfully. The Panasonic HDC-HS9 Camcorder has solved that hassle by omitting then need to have a huge SDHC card and instead provides you a hard drive that you can use which will ensure that you have plenty of room to store just about everything you may possibly need.

As with most camcorders, you are able to take some still pictures, however, at a tiny 2.1MP with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels total you are certainly not going to want to enlarge any of the pictures. If you are just interested in something that is small, enough to easily do web pictures or even possibly suitable for e-mail purposes then the still images may be perfect.

This particular camcorder is able to bring you a total of four quality modes so you can select the perfect mode for what you are doing currently. The choices range from HA, HG, HX and finally HDV. Your choices range from as much as 17Mbits/second to as slow as 6Mbits/second depending on the mode you select. To ensure you have plenty of room for storage the Panasonic HDC-HS9 Camcorder offers standard a generously sized 60GB hard drive that ensures you can run up to 8 hours of video in the highest quality setting. You can just imagine the possibilities as they begin to unfold. If you decide that you want or need more space there is a standard SD card slot that you can use to expand further the capacity of the camcorder, however typically a generously sized 60GB hard drive will fit most people’s needs happily.

This is certainly a great camcorder that is worth a really good look. If you are searching for something with an image stabilizer, built in hard drive and CCD technology this is a good match. If you are more interested in having a larger MP ratio for the still images then this may not be your ideal camcorder. However, for the price and the features this will certainly handle the needs of most consumers quite well.