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Palm Treo 500v Smartphone

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Palm Treo 500v smartphoneFour years have passed since Palm launched its original Treo 600 smart phone. Since then, there weren’t many changes to the line of models, except integrating the antenna in the body of the smart phone. The Palm Treo 500v smartphone however is a different story. The Palm Treo 500v smartphone comes with the first truly innovative handset design in the last few years. Both the hardware and the smart phone software have undergone significant changes.

The Palm Treo 500v smartphone uses the Windows Mobile 6 operating system, also referred to as the Windows Mobile 6 Standard. The Palm Treo 500v smartphone competes with products such as the HTC Excalibur or the more popular Motorola Q series. As a mobile messaging device, the 500v stands out from the crowd, another reminder that Palm has always been at their best when designing messaging devices.

Palm Treo 500v smartphone

With 150 MB of built in storage space, the Treo 500v also offers the option of adding a micro SD card. The Palm Treo 500v smartphone comes with a high quality QVGA display that is more than enough forf this type of smart phone. There is also a swappable battery which comes in very handy for longer trips. The Palm Treo 500v smartphone also offers tri-band GSM and 2100MHz UMTS connectivity. The 500v also has an integrated digital camera with 2 megapixel resolutions. Even though the phone doesn’t offer EDGE support, it does come with Bluetooth stereo capabilities.

Palm Treo 500v smartphone

One other important feature that differentiates the Palm Treo 500v smartphone from previous models is the compact size and reduced weight. With dimensions like this: 110mm x 61.5mm x 16.5mm (4.3″ x 2.4″ x .65″), the Palm Treo 500v smartphone is one of the most compact smart phones you can buy today. The phone also weighs only 120g (4.2oz) – compare this to most regular cell phones and you will find it a very impressive weight, especially for a device that needs to incorporate a QWERTY keyboard. Other features you will enjoy with the Palm Treo 500v smartphone are mobile applications of the Excel, Word and PowerPoint programs.