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In their pre PMA08 announcements, Olympus has released informations about new digital cameras for the new season. Probably the most interesting model is new ultra zoom digital camera SP-570UZ. SP-570UZ is coming to replace current SP-560UZ.

Major improvements are made on the zoom lens, it become longer and wider not physical just optical, so now it starts at pretty wide 26mm and it goes up to 520mm – both values are in 35mm equivalents. Also used sensor resolution grows also, previous SP-560UZ had used a sensor with “only” 8Mpix and new 570UZ has new sensor with 10Mpix.

SP-570UZ with it’s 26-520mm lens has became world recorder cause its amazing zoom range, whole 20x. Everybody knows that if you want to shoot on the 20x zoom, every even the slightest camera shake will ruin the picture. Cause of that, Olympus has implement optical stabilization to this camera. Actualy if you read promo material for new camera you will read that it has “dual image stabilization”, don’t be fooled by the word dual. First stabilization is real mechanical and optical stabilization very useful thing. Second stabilization in this case, relates to the ISO value boost and resulting shorter exposition and less time to shake you camera and get blurry image. Of course higher ISO values degrades overall image quality, and if you really want to raise ISO you can do it manually – so just forget that DUAL mambo jumbo crap.


Also if we browse further throo Olympus promo materials, we can find that this camera can shoot up to 15fps, wow 15fps that is really grate but what at reduced resolution – ok that is not that bad, noooo at only 1.2 Megapixel mode???? So if you use 15fps mode you will get image like last years mobile phones made, another crap.If we just set aside some totally crappy statements from this camera promo materials, overall this is not a bad camera, it has real optical stabilization, big bright LCD and ultra ultra 20x zoom lens, and best thing of all, everything is packed up in stylish and compact body.

Olympus SP-570UZ is expected in stores in March, and announced price for it is about 550 euros.