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Olympus PEN story continuous with E-P2

Uncategorized author: admin 11.08.2009 Comments Off


It’s a bit strange that Olympus has released their new PEN digital camera, knowing that the E-P1 PEN camera was presented just few months ago.

So, new Olympus E-P2 micro four thirds digital camera is here, it’s more like a face lifting then the real upgrade comparing to the E-P1. E-P2 got new port for additional electronically viewfinder or it can be used for external microphone. To distinct these two cameras more easy, E-P2 is coming in black finish, comparing to the silver E-P1.

From new features, there is a new auto-focusing system, which now allows tracking of a subject in frame, some changes in firmware i-Enhance ‘color-boosting’ function.

Both cameras will be available on the market, E-P2 kit will include plugin viewfinder, and with 17mm pancake lens or 14-22mm Zuico Zoom lens it will be sold for no less then $1100. Yes you had read it right $1100, if you ask me thats more then a price that I’m prepared to give, even for the peace of history that PEN camera is. It’s quite obvious that Olympus is targeting those eccentric but rich “photo artists” who are easy to spot on by their greasy long hair and their view glued to the distance.