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Olympus new lineup, E-510 and E-410

News author: admin 03.06.2007 2

Judging by the number and quality of the new cameras coming from Olympus, we can freely conclude that this Japanese camera manufacturer is not satisfied with its market share. Last year Olympus presents E-330 first digital SLR camera that features live-preview ever. Even the E-330 was net quite a market success, it clearly mark the new direction in the dSLR development.

Olympus E-510


New E-510 is new generation of the existing E-500 camera. Main features of the new camera are used 10Mpix Live MOS sensor as the sensor shifted mechanical image stabilization. Difference from some manufacturers, Olympus developed it’s stabilization in the camera body. While, for example Canon’s IS is shifting the lens to compensate camera movement, Olympus cameras are shifting the image sensor to prevent blur on the images as the result of shaking hands. As a result of this implementation of stabilization every lens that you put on your Oly body will be stabilization and that is quite handy.

E-510 camera is using pentamirror covering over 95% of the frame, but still you can use high resolution 2.5 inch LCD display to compose your shots. While E-330 had two mods of shooting – and cause of that it was quite uneasy to handle, in this camera live-preview is provided throe “large” Live MOS sensor. There are still some small limitations in this technology, such as unable to focus while in the live-preview mod. But that means that when you have perfect frame, you press the shutter and display will go black for a part of the second cause mirror has to go down to focus ( as on the top of the line Canon model EOS-1D Mark III , preview focusing on Mark III- youtube video ). Also this camera has built in dust cleaning system and support for xD and CF (type I and type II).

Olympus E-410

Technically it is quite similar to E-510, the most obvious difference tween them is the lack of the optical image stabilization of in the E-410 camera and in the body it self that is the most compact in the market – even smaller then the too small Canon EOS-400D. Price for dimension reduction is payed in lacking the proper grip, but the camera usability and ergonomi is not perturbated cause of the small dimensions and weight it is quite easy to hold. Unfortunately when the grip is removed the space for big battery is gone too. So comparing to E-510, E-410 is using smaller by dimensions and capacity battery, as their result we have less work autonomy.

E-410 is expected in stores in the March by the price $699 for body only, and $799 for kit with ED 14-42mm f3.5/5.6 Zuiko Digital lens. Announced price for E-510 body is $799, while kit with ED 14-42mm f3.5/5.6 Zuiko Digital lens will be around $899. Also there is another kit announced for price under the $1000 magical limit, for $999 you will get the previous kit but packed with additional ED 40-150mm f4.0/5.6 Zuiko Digital lens. Olympus E-510 is expected in stores around Jun.