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Olive Media music servers Opus No 4 and Melody No 2

Uncategorized author: admin 04.04.2008 4

There are no too many people who have had heard of Olive Media company. But they are quite famous in audiophiles society by theirs hi-fi music solutions.

Olive Media company has presented two new products Opus No 4 music server as the Melody No 2.

First of all, what is a music server and why the hell I need one?

Imagine now, you are living in a house and you have one of you favorite new CD, you are in the study room and you are listening you favorite CD, after that you are going to your kitchen you take out the cd and carry it to the kitchen CD player. Afterwards you going to the bathroom and play it there while you bath.

It’s much easier to store your entire music collection on one central server in you house, and afterwars just connect to it and listen where everyou are currently.

Opus No 4 music server can store up to 3000 music CDs, it’s not a jukebox, music is stored in digital format. Music is compressed but not in mp3 format, Opus no 4 is using FLAC loss-less format so there are not any sound degradation. Allowing to enjoy your music anywhere in the house. It can transmit different music out up to ten different places in a house.

So you have a central server that stores your entire music collection, but how to play it?

Melody NO 2 is bringing you music to any room within your home. Wired or wireless. It easy to find music that you want to listen, or listen your music randomly.

Perfect perfect perfect, every house should have one of these, I will go buy myself one right away… $1.500 for a server and $600 per receiver yikes… I think that i will carry my CDs around a house for awhile.