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Nothing more then a dream, Nokia N97

News author: admin 11.21.2006 7

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Nokia N97
There was another rumor that we stumble upon yesterday, it was spreading throe the Blogosphere fast, find its way to even quite serious and respectful places such as Gizmodo. We try to pinpoint the the Nokia forum as the source of this avalanche. In that post on the Nokia forum, user was published his photoshoped version of a cellphone from the dreams with the Nokia brand and marked as a N97, and not only pictures he post even the wish list with the characteristics of desired phone.Nokia N97
Gizmodo wasn’t the only one who publish this hoax. Now if you search the Google for “Nokia N97″ terms you will get almost half a million, yes almost 500 000 pages as a result. And over the 177 blogs wrote about it ( according Technorati ).

Update: Nokia N97
announced officially, via Dialaphone