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Nokia Tube – iPhone’s main competitor

Uncategorized author: admin 04.12.2008 Comments Off

Rumors about next Nokia phone with touch screen that will be become main competitor to the Apple’s iPhone are getting louder and louder.

From some information that has leaked, Nokia is preparing to launch their first S60 series Symbian phone with touch screen. The entire concept is called Nokia Tube, that’s only the code name, currently the real name of the new Nokia is held in secret. But one thing is certain that new Tube device will not be in the current N class of advanced Nokia phones.

Some of the Nokia Tube features are known, that it will use high resolution wide 16:9 touch screen, the diagonal of the screen will be somewhere tween 3 and 3.5 inches.

Also Tube will have autofocus digital camera on board, better that iPhones current 2mpix camera, but not as good as those cameras used on latest phones from Nokia’s N series.

It is known that Tube will be quad band phone – meaning that it can be used world wide. Also Tube will have all kind of options for connecting to other devices, so Bluetooth, uPnP, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA and WiFi also. Also the rumors are saying that the next Nokia will have built in GPS receiver.

Respectable is that all that will be packed in quite compact body, the size will be similar to the current Nokia N73.

Only bad news is that used touch LCD is not going to be multi-touch like iPhone’s screen is ;(.

For now Nokia Tube is expected to be presented in the first quarter of the next year, but also there are some rumors that we will have next iPhone version before the end of this year.