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Nokia N82

Uncategorized author: Cara 12.27.2007 Comments Off

Nokia N82As we have all come to expect great things from Nokia they are certainly delivering with the Nokia N82 which is bringing together some really fantastic features along with a sleek and stylish design that is sure to be appealing to those who are looking for some of the best benefits in phone technology. The brief overview of the phone gives you a nice looking 2.4” QVGA display that gives you ample room for looking at all of the information stored in the phone, as well as a highly impressive 5MP camera that includes a Xenon flash and even an auto-focus Carl Zeiss lens.

Additionally there is the fantastic quad-band GSM and 2100MHz HSDPA working together flawlessly with the Bluetooth 2.0, which is coming standard so often, Wi-Fi for those essential moments and even a nifty FM tuner and a microSD memory slot so you have plenty of storage room. For those who love to roam around the open road the Nokia N82 brings an extra special present for you in the form of the fully integrated GPS. This means you can reduce the number of electronics you are carrying around with you yet again since a GPS is no longer needed.

With a weight of barely over 4 ounces and a size of only 4.41 inches long and 1.98 inches wide with a thickness of a sleek .68 inches you are looking at a very small phone that allows you to go anywhere without lugging along something that is too large to be comfortable to slip into a pocket. With an internal memory of 100MB, you are able to store plenty of ringtones, pictures and even messages to ensure that you have everything you want close at hand.

Using the Symbian OS as well as a great collection of applications to keep you organized this is sure to be a wonderful solution for those looking to upgrade their cell phone. While this will not satisfy someone looking for a true Smart Phone, it is a great option for those who are looking for a suitable cell phone for general purpose with a few additional features.