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Nokia N810 Striking the Hears of Smartphone Lovers

Uncategorized author: Cara 10.20.2007 Comments Off

Of course, we all knew after the ultimate smart phone the Blackberry and iPhone hit the market that all of the other companies would not be able to stand being out of the game and of course Nokia has delivered their product. Coming in the package of the Nokia N810 this tablet styled smart phone offers a huge punch in a small package. Coming in at approximately the same price as many of the pricy competition phones including the iPhone this little gem offers several great features that help you go from lost to found in moments.

Nokia N810

Everybody wants features, it seems like a contest to see who can pack more into a phone, and Nokia has jammed the N810 full of them. With wi-fi access, a GPS system, Skype compatibility, as well as MP3 player, and beautiful 4.13” widescreen monitor to just name a few this phone is here to stay. Even for those who need tons of storage space Nokia is ready to answer your needs with an optional 10GB memory card that gives you room for up to an incredible 7,500 songs.

Boasting Web 2.0 technology, you can check your e-mail, Facebook or various other online accounts easily and simply. Using the maemo Linux based OS2008 system the phone allows you to add several custom touches. For those who need it you can use the Mozilla browser with various plug-ins including Adobe Flash 9 and Ajax just to name a few. From the integrated camera to the slide out keyboard, built in maps and amazing GPS system this phone is sure to become a quick favorite.

Remember, no longer do you have to worry about always carrying around numerous devices to handle your mobile web needs, music needs, camera needs, and GPS needs. The Nokia N810 has answered with a powerful punch and provided a great way to combine all of the pieces together into a single easy to carry device that is sure to win your heart. With an affordable price, pocket size, and tons of features, you can jump from YouTube to Facebook to Google in only moments no matter where you are with the Nokia N810.