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Nokia N800- Internet Tablet PC

Uncategorized author: Spale 07.11.2007 1

This pocket PC from Nokia is a pretty convenient to surf the internet wherever you are. As every other device it has good and bad sides. First we are going on good ones: It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integrated adapters for accessing the Internet on the move and it comes with more than great Opera 8 Web browser. It supports plug-ins, JavaScript, and Flash 7. When you surfing the web or using you email you will enjoying in every moment. It also features a built-in Webcam, a fancy modern design, a excellent screen, and great performance.

Nokia N800 comes with wide screen (65000 color display). It has a 800x480px resolution that produces realistic colors and sharp images and text, in the same time it’s a touch screen so you can enter commands with your fingers or with the included stylus. Very important thing is that the display is readable in sunlight. Other good things are: included Voice over IP support, included instant messaging support, an excellent media player, a dual expansion slots for memory cards and great RSS news reader.

Nokia N800 front

Ok enough with good things, lets we take a look on some issues. First bad thing is the video playback on the N800, it is under every level for this kind of device(if you tray to watch some videos on YouTube the picture is going to be very bad and never synchronized with the audio, we have tasted all and we cant make it look good), and one of the major bugs is there is no PC synchronization, we wonder how Nokia experts let that happens. Also the bad thing is that N800 relies strict on Wireless and Bluetooth for Internet connection or connection with oder devices.

Nokia N800 side

On the end we can say that Nokia N800 is a much better by it performances than the Nokia 770. It had no problems opening up images or PDF files, Internet surfing experience was wonderful. Scrolling when viewing entire Web pages is minimal, and they load very quickly. By manufacturer specifications Nokia N800 can hold out three hours of continuous Internet browsing and it’s standby time is 10 days.

Main technical specifications:

  • High resolution widescreen display with improved viewing angle
  • Opera 8
  • Adobe Flash 9 browser plug in
  • Skype support
  • Internet calling with integrated web camera
  • Instant messaging
  • Multi protocol email client
  • Full screen finger keyboard
  • High quality stereo speakers
  • Media player
  • UPnP architecture
  • Real Rhapsody
  • Expandable mass memory

To see more detailed technical specifications visit Nokia N800 official site.